Warners Bay Private Hospital
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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Warners Bay Private Hospital has five operating theatres including the state of the art i-Suite. The i-Suite is technologically advanced and this provides surgical team efficiencies that allow them to focus on patient care. This operating theatre enables the production of ultra-high definition images and it is tailored to the surgeon’s specific needs.

An onsite physiotherapist cares for patients before and after surgery.

Services include:

  • Major Joint Replacement
  • Hand Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Arthroscopic (key hole) Surgery
  • Paediatric Orthopaedics

Types of surgery performed

This includes total knee replacement, unilateral knee replacement, partial knee replacement, knee reconstructions including anterior cruciate and multi-ligament repairs, high tibial osteotomy, sports injuries, trauma and fracture management, patello femoral stabilisation, trauma and fracture management, paediatric knee surgery, computer navigated knee surgery.
This includes soft tissue repairs, elbow replacement and arthroscopy.
This includes fracture repairs, ligament repairs, Achilles tendon repairs, peroneal tendon repairs and reconstruction, trauma and fracture management, sports injuries, minimally invasive ankle surgery, surgery for osteoarthritis, forefoot reconstruction and repair of bunions.
Both adult and paediatric procedures are performed including repair of congenital conditions, Brachial Plexus repair, fractures, carpel tunnel release, release of Dupytren’s contracture, nerve and muscle releases, joint replacements.
This includes open reduction and internal fixation for fractured hip and femur as well as total hip replacement, resurfacing of the hip joint, minimally invasive surgery, hip pain diagnosis and management, trauma and fracture management, sports injuries.
This includes rotator cuff repairs, soft tissue damage repairs, shoulder release (to increase range of movement), unstable shoulder repairs, total shoulder replacement and arthroscopy, arthritis surgery, nerve injuries and disease, trauma and fracture management, sports injuries.